Hogwarts, Keep fit and learn and STEAM clubs

After the positive feedback from children and parents ehcpservices is providing two  clubs focused on your child academic development.

Feedback from some of the children this year has been "Hema is mad about poo and loves to do science experiments" and "Hema likes to learn about facts and will try out my ideas". Feedback from parents has been positive and their ideas incorporated into the sessions, for example, after studying herbivore and carnivore teeth the children were challenged to clean their teeth properly using disclosing tablets and a timer. 

Hogwarts is a club where children will extend and develop their literacy and numeracy skills. A qualified teacher will provide support to ensure your child is extending or consolidating the literacy and numeracy skills they will need for their year 4 and 6 SATS exams.

The STEAM club for next term will have be based around the project of 'space'. The activities will extend the current curriculum to ensure your child understands climate change and its long term impact which could be a compulsory part of the curriculum. As requested by the parents and children each session will focus on developing problem solving skills and we will be working towards achieving at least one external accreditation!

STEAM https://forms.gle/n53gFLpC4tNTi7aZA

Hogwarts: https://forms.gle/ghJZTTErKZ1pjBZbA

Keep fit and learn: https://forms.gle/ceAcggjcLGB3e6Sz5