Image by Samuel Austin

May bank holiday competition 

An exciting spring competition sponsored by Sook in the Grafton Centre Cambridge. Open to children aged 4+. 

Sook has been supportive and encouraging of the two after school clubs that have been running at their Norfolk Street venue. These clubs were hosted by Sook for the duration schools were open. During Science week Sook at the Grafton Centre we keen to host free events for children in their lovely space and hopefully the puzzle and STEAM club will be back at these venues after the lockdown period has ended! 

Foods are usually harvested when they are at their peak and typically have the most flavour and nutrients, so the food tends to be tastier, healthier and better for the environment.  For this competition you have to design an experiment that grows a seasonal fruit or vegetable in your garden or on your window still. You need to show your experiment uses the word equation for photosynthesis.  See hints below:

HINTS: and BBC Bitesize photosynthesis for your child's Key stage and planning experiments. To enter send an image with your plan to by Tuesday May 11th, please include the name and age of your child. The prize will be sent to the winner and entries shared on social media.