STEAM  and SEND tutoring

Developing confidence in numeracy and literacy skills from KS2 to KS3 and helping student to achieve to their potential for GCSE, AS and A Level sciences (KS4 and KS5 Science).

At ehcpservices we believe in helping your child to overcome their barriers to learning so they are able to achieve to their potential. Our approach is to deliver bespoke support focusing on the strengths of your child to build the skills they need and the confidence to exceed their academic potential in Cambridge.


  • Bachelors degrees in the subjects being taught

  • Postgraduate Teaching Qualification (or equivalent)


KS2 student comment

A letter written by one of our year 3 students telling his mum how his confidence in numeracy skills has developed.


KS4 Numeracy Intervention

Stretching able student beyond their key stage

KS4 maths skills being developed by looking at shapes found in nature.
The student was able to use her maths skills to decide how this shape should be drawn using a pencil, ruler and protractor.